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Impress with your photos

Quick ways to turn your smartphone pics into art:

Android, iOS
It’s easier than you think to make your humble creations look like world-famous works of art. Prisma is an AI-powered app that does precisely that, using computer smarts to simulate your favourite artists, such as Picasso or Munch, or you can use modern art filters. Simply choose your photo, select your desired style and watch the results take shape. The introduction of an effects store is an interesting addition to your creative options.

Free, Android, iOS
Most are familiar with the slick filters and camera effects from Snapchat by now, but Cartoon Camera is a lovely bonus app that also works for non-Snapchat users. It lets you take photos with an arty filter attached to them, featuring a pencil style, sepiatone effect, negative filter and a few more. Perhaps your camera already has some of these filters, but you can never have too many, can you?

Free, Android, iOS
This app is a real one-stop shop that allows you to dress up your snaps with clip art, stickers, drawing tools and something the developer calls ‘AI-powered magic effects’. This latter feature is pretty cool, and delivers some psychedelic effects to your pictures. Otherwise, it has all the usual filters, effects and editing tools found on most of the apps listed here.

Free, Android, iOS
Colour-pop apps are a clever way to give your selfies and photos something different. There are some fantastic results out there. The app effectively turns your photos into greyscale images, and then allows you to re-introduce bits of colour back into the picture. It’s not completely user friendly but still a great app for producing digitally enhanced photos.

Free, Android, iOS
If you’re obsessed with photo filters and have a more-is-more attitude, check out BestMe Selfie Camera, which offers more than 100 filters, some of which are not available in the free app. In addition to these arty filters, BestMe offers emoji overlays and clip art too, so you never send a regular picture to
anyone ever again. However, it’s a little light on the standard drawing- and editing features.

Free, Android
Ever needed a little caricature or pencil sketch of yourself? Draw Me lets you submit photos of yourself or others, with other users then volunteering to recreate your likeness for you.
Naturally, you can also volunteer to draw other people and showcase your artistic prowess. The massive downside is that you will probably be waiting a while for someone to complete your drawing, but there certainly isn’t a shortage of photos for you to draw.

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