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Guess what? It’s September!

That means that the biggest shopping season of the year is just around the corner. If you haven’t already got your plans in motion, you need to get started ASAP.

Depending on the market and products, some sellers experience sales of 2 to 3 times normal levels during November and December, while less seasonal categories will see a smaller boost. Those extra sales will require extra inventory.

Combine that with the fact that, shortly after the holiday season, Chinese factories shut down for Chinese New Year, and it means that factories will start getting busier as demand for inventory from sellers increases dramatically in the coming weeks.

All this will impact your ability to maintain enough inventory to meet sales demand into 2018.

While Amazon hasn’t released any official guidance yet for 2017, here are some key dates based on our experience in previous years to help you plan your strategy…

🎁 September 1, 2017 (a.k.a. tomorrow!) – Time to get organized. Plan early as factories will start getting busy and production and shipping delays will be the norm. All of this while sales demand will be increasing.

🎁 September 15, 2017 (approx) – Holiday season lightning deal opportunities are likely to start being offered to sellers with products that have been performing well. This date is an estimate, as the actual date has not been announced yet by Amazon.

🎁 October 1, 2017 – FBA Fulfillment Fees will change. From October to December, the storage fees will increase but per sale fees will decrease. This is to encourage sellers to maximize their sales, but minimize the amount of inventory being stored at FBA during the holidays. Details of the fee changes can be found here:

🎃 October 31, 2017 – Boo! 👻 It’s Halloween. Some extra sales can be had here if you have the right products.

🎁 November 6, 2017 (approx) – Important FBA Deadline. This is the Amazon cut-off date for getting your inventory to FBA if you want it to be processed and available for sale before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This date is an estimate, as the actual date has not been announced yet by Amazon.

🎁 November 24, 2017 – Black Friday. Traditionally, the biggest shopping day of the year, although Prime Day 2017 in July was bigger on Amazon, so it will be exciting to see what happens this time. Expect sales records to be broken. It is not unusual to see sales triple on this day and even start ramping up the night before. If you are lucky enough to have a lightning deal too on this day, your sales could be breathtaking.

🎁 November 27, 2017 – Cyber Monday. Another massive shopping day a few days later, targeted at online shopping. Expect similar results as on Black Friday. Lightning deals also do huge numbers on this day.

🎁 December 1, 2017 (approx) – Amazon’s deadline for sellers to send inventory to FBA for delivery by Christmas. If you sell out over Thanksgiving weekend, but you have some extra inventory stored off Amazon, you have a few extra days to send it in.

🎁 December 13, 2017 (approx) – Last day for customers to get free shipping for delivery by Christmas. This applies to non-Prime customers only, but would also be relevant to FBM sellers, as their products aren’t eligible for Prime.

🎁 December 19, 2017 (approx) – Last day for customers to get standard shipping for delivery by Christmas. The “last minute Christmas rush” sales boost will be happening at this time.

🎁 December 22, 2017 – Last day for customers to get Prime two-day shipping for delivery by Christmas. Hopefully your Christmas shopping will be done by now.

🎁 December 23, 2017 – Last day for customers to get one-day shipping for delivery by Christmas. What do you mean you haven’t bought my present yet?

🎁 December 24, 2017 – Last day for next-day shipping for delivery by Christmas. Really? Christmas Eve? All I can say, it had better be a good present.

🎁 December 25, 2017 – Phew! Job done. Now, relax and enjoy time with your loved ones.

Wait! … You got me socks again?!?

Are you prepared for the holidays?

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